About Melinda
"You are such a breath of fresh air--thanks for helping me get unstuck."
J. C. - Denton, TX

Melinda Massie - Photo Credit Tracy Nachelle Photography
Since I was little, I've always been fairly organized and efficient. In high school I made to-do lists and assigned each task onto a timeline. However it wasn't until college that I realized that positive effect that organizing had on my life and mind. 

Sharing a teeny dorm room (read: glorified closet) with a gal that had over 20 stuffed animals will do that to you. I coped with the mess by making sure my sliver of room was pristine

When my things, to-do lists, and life grow out of control, I can feel the significant negative effects. So I set goals, prioritize, let go of things and streamline and things fall back into place. 

Breathe and reboot. 

And I want to teach you how to do all of this too. 

Organizing has nothing to do with bins and baskets. It also doesn't have to be Martha-perfect or austere minimal. 

Organizing is about letting go of the things you don't need so you can go on about your life fabulously. 

I believe that less than fabulous is unacceptable and want to help you find what your personal definition of "fabulous" is. 

I believe in being practical and sensible. 

I believe in indulgence and sparkle. 

I believe in finding the perfect "sweet spot" of sensibility and sparkle that makes you feel good - in your home, work, and life. 

I work with all levels of clutter, including hoarders, anywhere in the country. I'm experienced in coordinating with extreme-cleaning/crime-scene cleanup teams to properly and safely clear out totally unruly situations. My tips have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Lifehacker, SHAPE, Woman’s Day, D Home, and many other local and national publications.

In addition to organizing, I teach writing workshops with the Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp and am a productivity/organizing coach for Coach.Me. 

When not clearing clutter, I perform with the Fort Worth Opera. (Below in Hamlet, Bass Hall, 2015. Photo credit: Paul Mosely via Star Telegram)

DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT, photo credit: Tracy Nachelle Photography
 I also j'adore yoga, cooking and eating indulgent foods, and cursing (the words not evil hexes). And I especially love champagne. It should be used for any and all occasions. 

Like a Tuesday. 

Or to celebrate your organizing makeover!   


  • "Best Personal Organizer" - Fort Worth, TX Magazine
  • "Most Glamorous" - StartUpNation Home-Based 100. 

Are you ready to take the first step?