About Melinda
"You are such a breath of fresh air--thanks for helping me get unstuck."
J. C. - Denton, TX

Melinda Massie - Photo Credit Tracy Nachelle Photography
Often called slave-driver, life-saver, and everything in between, Melinda is like a therapist for your clutter. Her sensible organizing philosophies and vivacious attitude make getting organized suck less.
She’s on a mission to prove that being organized has nothing to do with bins and labels. And it definitely isn't about perfection. 

Organization is about addressing what is standing in your way so you can let go of the excess clutter and create the home that supports your dreams and goals.

Her education in advertising and marketing means she can guide you past the common traps in today's mass consumerism "stuff" culture (those tricks that end you up with unwanted, impulse purchases and excess clutter) while her former careers in professional ballroom dance and event planning means she still likes to make everything sparkle. 
Melinda works with mildly cluttered to mildly hoarded people across the country. She's also teamed up with extreme-cleaning/crime-scene cleanup crews to properly and safely clear out massive clutter situations. She was named “Best Personal Organizer” by Fort Worth, TX Magazine and “Most Glamorous” in StartupNation’s Home-Based 100. Her tips have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Shape, Woman’s Day, and many other local and national publications. She is currently a featured contributor to She Owns It.  
DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT, photo credit: Tracy Nachelle Photography 
When not clearing clutter, Melinda enjoys performing as a supernumerary with the Fort Worth Opera (R: backstage with DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT. Photo credit: Tracy Nachelle Photography), yoga, cooking and eating indulgent food and cursing (words not evil hexes). 

And she especially loves champagne.
She believes it was meant to celebrate any and all occasions.
Like a Tuesday.

Or finishing up your organizing makeover!

Are you ready to take the first step?

Speaking Engagements

Need a vivacious and lively speaker? Melinda loves sharing her knowledge of organizing with others! Her professional presentations are packed with advice that your audience can apply to their homes immediately. She is comfortable in front of a group of any size and happy to customize a program to fit your time and subject needs. 

Previous speaking engagements include: Visions Women's Expo, Austin College, and the Layland Museum. 

"I heard several good remarks about the workshop you presented, from your delightful personality to your creative ideas and communicating the aspects and benefits of those ideas."
Marjorie Hass, Ph.D., President, Austin College

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