Making homes fabulous, one hot mess at a time.

Is your home a hot mess?

Fabulous, Sunshine! You’ve come to the right place. It will be our pleasure to help you dig out from under any clutter issue. 

Are you ready to:
  • not be held back by the frustration, overwhelm and/or guilt that comes with excessive clutter?
  • let go of what is no longer serving you?
  • create space and ease in your home?
  • control your things and life instead of it controlling you?
    We can help you with all that and more.
    Owner Melinda Massie works in homes across the country to help people face their clutter and the reasons behind it to dig out and live a more organized life. Her proven techniques and thoughtful process has helped hundreds clear the clutter for good. Best of all, Melinda’s vivacious personality and passion for helping others live organized makes the experience really positive and motivating. And sometimes even downright entertaining!
    • the calm you’ll feel when coming home to a lovely home after a hectic day.
    • the ease in finding exactly what you need, when you need it.
    • never purchasing duplicate items again because you know exactly what you own and where it is.
    • freely inviting friends over and never feeling “doorbell dread” when someone stops by unexpectedly.
    • not feeling guilty when enjoying your life instead of cleaning your house.
    • the satisfaction in creating a home that supports your dreams, goals, and life.
    This is more than just cleaning house or tossing things into neatly, labeled baskets and calling it a day. Through our work together we will get to the root issue of the clutter while setting realistic and attainable goals for how you want your home to feel and function. Then we'll coach you through the process, addressing your stuff and “schtuff” while helping you create the habits to 1) prevent this from happening again and 2) live organized. With Melinda’s sensible, practical organizing philosophies, you’ll quickly learn that being an organized person is completely attainable.
    The whole point to getting organized is to enjoy your life, not waste your life organizing!  
    Whether you have a couple of small issues or clutter to the ceiling, we can help. We are especially fabulous with:  
    • Creative solutions to small spaces
    • Downsizing
    • Digging out of extreme amounts of clutter
    • Rehabilitating borderline to mild hoarders before they fall off into full-blown clutter abyss
    • Helping clean out after a loved one has died

    Reaching out to ask for help is the hardest part, and you’re only one step away. You deserve a fabulous home, Sunshine! Contact us today to get started.

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