Making homes fabulous, one hot mess at a time.

Is your home a hot mess?

Overwhelmed, frustrated and don't know where to start?

Welcome, Sunshine! You've come to the right place.

We'll help you dig out and make it suck less while we do it.  

Are you ready for:  
  • a fresh perspective on clutter?
  • to let go of what is no longer serving you? 
  • to create space and ease in your home?
  • learning and cultivating the habits that will get and keep you organized?
  • organizational systems personalized to your unique needs and home?

We can do all that and more. 

Melinda and her trained assistants work in homes across the country to help people dig out of their clutter, create systems to organize the things they need, use and love and develop the habits that will help them stay organized for good.  

Melinda's diverse and unique background, vivacious personality and natural organizing abilities have created a combustible mix that is PERFECT for helping people see their things with a fresh perspective. This makes it easier for our clients to let go of the excess and have fun while doing it. She is also strong, empathetic and supportive through the rougher emotional moments which has helped many clients that are working through hoarding and/or other traumas that life sometimes unfortunately throws at us. Through the course of her business she has turned the organizing process into a beautifully thought out art form and has many proven successes in teaching people how to deal with clutter for good!

We work with all residential organizing issues from a couple of hot spots to a couple of rooms to an entire home stuffed to the gills with clutter. Some of our specialties include: 

  • Creative solutions to small spaces
  • Downsizing
  • Digging out of extreme amounts of clutter
  • Helping clean out the things after a loved one has died 
  • Rehabilitating borderline to mild hoarders before they fall off into full-blown clutter abyss. 

Whether you're clutter issues are small or extreme, Melinda and her trained assistants will meet you where you are, with what you have. Need some direction, accountability and a kick in the pants? We're on it. Need hand-holding, hugs and a box of tissues while you work through stacks of negative juju? We've got that covered too.  
The only prerequisite required is that you’re ready to let go of what isn’t serving you. Not everything – just what is no longer needed. We’ll help you tell the difference.
What clutter can we help you take control over? You deserve a fabulous home, Sunshine!